Studio Co.


Students experience a taste of professional company life through more performance and training. They have opportunities to dance with the ECB professional dancers. Purpose in dance outreach is cultivated.


10+ years old
2 Studio Co. cls added to Division requirements.


Tue 7:30-8:15 Studio Company
Thur 7:30-8:15 Studio Company

DANCE Attire

Girls Attire:  
ECB aqua marine leotard $42
ECB pink tights $12-$19  
ECB ballet shoes $24
ECB black wrap skirt $21
ECB black leggings $25
ECB jazz shoes $45

Boys Attire:
ECB white t-shirt  $24
ECB black tights w/white on bottom $32
white & black ballet shoes $24 
ECB jazz shoes $45 
ECB tap shoes $58